Our School Story

Our Story

History of Jessie Wowk

Jessie Wowk (1894-1993) and her family emigrated from the Ukraine with her parents in 1906. They purchased a farm on Steveston Highway. Jessie was also known as a humanitarian, and during the Depression she gave generously to those standing in the bread lines.  She is only the second woman in Richmond after Kate McNeely to have had a school named after her: Jessie Wowk Elementary School, which opened in 1992.

Who are we?

Jessie Wowk’s community of learners live in the neighbourhood that surrounds the school. We share our play space with Richmond Christian School and we both enjoy the beautiful new playground built by the City of Richmond. Our students are motivated learners, and many are English Language Learners. This past school year our staff and students worked with the Area Counselling Team (ACT) to learn more about social responsibility and social-emotional learning.

We are the Wowk Timberwolves and beginning in September 2017, our motto is Wowk CARES.

  • Caring
  • Accountable
  • Respectful
  • Encouraging
  • Safe