Question #4

Question #4:  Why is it important that you are learning about (the response that they gave)?



  • so when we get older we know how to do the stuff so it will be a lot easier
  • b/c water is really important on for the earth and myself
  • because people have to know about this, in Japan people did really bad things that they never really recognized or talked about and then Germany also did really bad things like the concentration camps and they talked about it
  • because a lot of the time when I see them they all have different personalities and they look different but if they are the same kind they act differently, and I really like them
  • learn different things now--when I grow up and I get a job, basically you use math everyday
  • or if I become a teacher then I have to know how to teach it to other people
  • so when you go to college or university and you want to get a jobe and you can answer the questions to get that job
  • having a conversation with someone and you do not know the answer then it can be a little embarrassing
  • so b/c it is good to learn about the history of Cananda and how you came here and stuff
  • because mostly if you don't know what type of coin it is when you are little, then when you grow up you might not knowwhat type of coin it when you are an adult
  • also when you are paying for something you need to what type of coin it is so you can pay, because if u did not know what kind of coin it is then you would just give a random coin,
  • cause we need food and water and if we don't have those stuff then we can use money to buy them
  • cause so people won't waste water and um, and we need to learn bout rain drops and how does the rain drops go up in to the air and fall down again
  • because when you grow big, um, teacher let you create a story so that you know how to create a story by yourself
  • I'm not sure
  • I think that it is because we like have to know what happened so that bad things will not happen again
  • to help us find a job when we grow up.
  • ah,,,,,,, don't know
  • when you re big you can know how to spell words
  • we get better --how do you get better?
Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021