Question #3

Question #3:   What are you learning about in class?  What are the big ideas that you are learning about?


  • Vanishing points and space
  • Learning about resources in Canada
  • Math:  fractions and Science:  Diversity
  • That I learn my math and I learn my printing letters and I do my writer's workshop
  • favourite subject is learning about the environnment and pollution and what is pollution
    heard some news from the govn't that there can be no more pollution
  • We are learning division and the water cycle
  • Money
  • Right now learning about money and then I was learning about hmmm.....Math. In Spelling we are learning how to spell things.
  • In science we're doing the classification system and like the 5 kingdoms like fungi, proteans, monera, animalia
  • Math--studying for a test coming up on and it is gonna be about graphing, tables and that's it
    Science--learning about different cycles, water cycle and the rock cycle, Itthe earth was back then and how we evolved
  • We are learning about money, nickel, quarter, dime, toonie, loonie
  • Learning how to different kinds of lifestyles and what you can take from them and use in the future
  • Science learning the species
  • Social studies because we have big projects--learning about resource in CAnada and we are split into groups and we have to learn about one learns about lumber, one about trees, one about people, one about food
  • Right now we are just learning about the solar system
Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021