Question #2

Question #2:  What do these people do that shows you that they care about you?


Some quotes from the students:


“She does not just care about me, she about the whole class—she cares equally, she does talk to you and then you learn.”

“She walks around the school to make sure we are safe.”

“Gives me extra different projects--cause he knows I am capable and I am passionate about it.”

“Tells me I am good at drawing and making stories.”

“Teaching me things that ia do not know.”

“…like when we get hurt she gives us stuff and like when something goes wrong like we don't get a turn, she figures something out.”

“Doing fun things and then I guess saying good things to me.”

“You guys give me awesome work and questions that are difficult and that I have to try my best and it is very good.”

“Help my problems.”

“Well, one time I was looking pretty sad because of something, she saw me and she asked me what was and then she gave me a hug and yah.”

“It is really caring, like if I have a problem or something I do not understand you will give a straight answer--just being there for me or if I have problem you are there for me.”

“They support me and they help me, try to help me understand what they mean or what this means and then if I don't know what to do I can ask either of them.






Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021