What is the Data Telling Us?

For our final staff meeting in June, we had an opportunity to sit in teams and begin to look at all of the data that emerged from our 5 scanning questions that we asked our students in grades 2 - 7.

We framed our conversations around three prompts:

  1. What are we noticing?
  2. What is surprising?
  3. What are our next steps?

This was just our first opportunity to look at the data and we plan to spend a greater amount of time in September thinking about the prompts and what kind of action plans we can develop together to support our learners in response to what our students our telling us. This also may be an excellent opportunity to see if any changes or adjustments need to be made in regards to our school focus.

The attached photos provides an idea into what our staff shared during our first discussion around the data. But here are some observations from the photos:

Staff commented that we are noticing that our students:

  • want to work in groups
  • would like more clubs and activities
  • enjoy having the option to work in quieter spaces
  • need more opportunities and support for socializing

Staff found it surprising that:

  • students regularly commented on how seating arrangements help them learn
  • many students don't always feel they belong to the Wowk community
  • some students couldn't name two friends who they could trust their feelings with

Some early ideas for next steps include:

  • there is a need to purchase equipment for students to use during recess and lunch
  • begin looking into using our former computer lab as an alternate learning space
  • exploring ways to support students in finding opportunities to play with others
  • bring back family teams, buddy classes and clubs in the school for our students

More to come! Stay tuned.


Updated: Thursday, July 7, 2022