Wowk News Jan 16-20

PAC is excited to announce another community event on Friday, January 20th as we celebrate the Lunar New Year.  This will be a school lunch party starting at 11:30 AM.   Students will be invited to the gym where parent volunteers will help serve food items for students to enjoy in their classroom.  We encourage your child to bring a plate or container, and utensils to school. This is an optional event and students who would prefer to bring their own lunch are welcome to do so.  If you would like to support this event, a suggested donation of $5 per child is being accepted through Munch. Please note that donations are also optional.  Everyone is invited to join the luncheon and traditional outfits of ANY cultural backgrounds are very welcome!
Please take a moment to fill out the RSVP form to let us know that your child will be participating and to note any food restrictions.  


Updated: Friday, January 13, 2023