Wowk News Sept 12-16

Thank You so much for your support by participating in our PAC lunch program fundraisers.  Please note that ordering PAC lunch or participating in any PAC initiatives are completely optional.  The lunch service provided is simply for your convenience and for fundraising purposes.  Funds raised through PAC lunches and events are used to enrich your child(ren)'s experience in school.  Should you have any questions, please contact Alaric Please note the following before ordering: 1) We only accept hot lunch order payments by credit card 2) You can help PAC save money on processing fees by paying for multiple orders in one transaction. 3) For flexibility, we will continue to allow weekly orders.  Deadline days are Sunday at 11:59 pm 4) Please ensure that you receive an email confirmation for PAID orders.  Unpaid orders past deadline will not be processed. 5) As food days are fundraisers, no refunds will be issued for absent children on lunch days. Arrangements can be made for lunch to be picked up before 12:30 of the lunch date.  Lunch that is not picked up will be considered a donation and be set aside as a backup lunch for a child in need.


Updated: Monday, September 12, 2022