PAC Meeting Minutes - Nov 2019

Nov 15, 2019

In attendance:

Mrs. Rooney, Alaric Wang, Jon Lau, Annie Fang, Jeta, Charlotte Li, Jessica Kuo, Ashley Wong, Corrina Zhang, Amelia Leung, Natalie, Lynn

Meeting began at 9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

Alaric welcomed all the parents to the meeting and a sign-up sheet was passed around 

Approval of Oct. 2019 minutes and today’s Meeting Agenda: all in favor, approved

Welcome, introductions and acknowledgement

  • Adoption of Oct. 2019 minutes
  • Adoption of Nov. 2019 agenda

Reporting on past events

  1. Clothing Drive
    • Over 60 bags collected at $2 per bag
  2. Ringette
    • PAC and school shared an investment of $500 on ringette equipment has been delivered.
    • PAC donated $120 to Ringette Association
  3. Spirit Wear Completed
  4. Movie Certificate
    • 750 pieces of tickets has been sold
    • The movie certificate fundraiser will continue year round

Current and future events

  1. Cookie Dough and Cheesecake (Run by Corrina)
  2. Gift Cards Fundraiser
  3. New food days
    • The new food day as Noodle Thursday and Fried Chicken Thursday were successful
  4. Movie after school
    • 29th of Nov. after school, $5 purchase including popcorn chips and juice
  5. COBS Bread
    • As long term fundraiser partner, we received $85 from COBS Bread last year
    • Developed new relationship with Richmond Center COBS this year
    • 5% of revenue will go to PAC when you purchase the bread with mentioning Jessie Wowk
  6. Winter Celebration 
    • 19th Dec., last Thursday of Dec.
    • Content is TBD later
  7. Body Science Workshop
    • Run by Saleema Noon
    • 3rd Dec. is parent’s meeting (Introduction the content related to different age group
    • 4th Dec. is school workshop
  8. Dance Program
    • Kpop dance is planned for Jan.

Financial Report (Jon Lau)

General account balance $20509

Gaming account balance $4535

Open Discussion

  • “Breakfast with Santa” is TBD in Dec.12


* Next PAC meeting: 8:45 am, January 17, 2020*