PAC Meeting Minutes - Oct 2019

OCT 18th, 2019

In attendance:

Mrs. Rooney, Alaric Wang, Jon Lau, Annie Fang, Jessica Li, Jeta, Tina Yao, William Yang, Stella Cai, Charlotte Li, Jessica Kuo, Ashley Wong, Amy Zheng

Meeting began at 9:00am

Welcome and Introductions:

Alaric welcomed all the parents to the meeting and a sign-up sheet was passed around 
Approval of Sep. 2019 minutes and today’s Meeting Agenda: all in favor, approved

Reporting on past events:

Terry Fox Run 

  • Funds raised over $500 
  • Over 15  parents volunteered when 10 was requested.
  • Book Fair 
  • Total revenue reached all time high of $4100 (Compare to last year $3700 the year before last year &2600)
  • Teacher’s wish list got lots of filled.
  • All 24 positions were filled by 20  parent volunteers 



  • Finish three sessions for each division in the past two weeks.
  • PAC and school will share the cost of equipment purchased around $500
  • PAC will donate $120 to Ringette Association


Current and future events

  1. Clothing Drive (Starts this week)
  2. Additional hot lunch days
    • Test fried noodle lunch last week.(Testing include the flavor, size of each order and price)
    • We will start to provide the fried noodle lunch once a month on Thursday
    • We are planning another food day to add to the Thursday lineup. Testing may start next week. (eg. Fried Chicken or Taco etc.)
  3. Movie Night (Date is TBD in Nov.)
  4. Spirit Wear will be on Munch soon
  5. Pumpkin Carving
  6. Cookie Dough and Cheesecake Fundraiser (Run by Corrina in the middle of Nov.)


Financial Report (Jon Lau)

For the month of September: 
Operating Revenue is $1,575.65.  
Revenue from Gaming grant is $4,420.00.  
Total revenue is $5,995.65.
General Expenses is $48.70.
Balance for General Account at the end of September is $22,054.14.
Balance for Gaming Account at the end of September is $4,537.35.

Administration Report (Joanne Rooney)

  • Resource teacher arrangement
  • Cross country run
  • “We Day” 
  • Revision of the leadership program 
  • “Oval Day” A day at the Oval for a cost may be $15 per student 


Open Discussion

*Next PAC meeting: 8:45 am, November 15, 2019*