PAC Meeting Minutes - Sept 2019

Sep 27th, 2019

In attendance:

Mrs. Rooney, Ken Hamaguchi, Alaric Wang, Jon Lau, Annie Fang Laura Chan, Lisa Cheung, Christina Lau, Winnie Leung, Bonnie Wong, Jessica Li, Corrina Zhang, Laura Chan, Jenny, Amelia, Natalie, Angel, Xia Lu, Austen, Jeta, Andy, LiuJima, Jessica, Jerry Song, Hellen, Yu Liu, Fangchi Liu, 

Meeting began at 9:00am

Welcome and Introductions:

Alaric welcomed school trustee Ken Hamaguchi and all the parents to the meeting and a sign-up sheet was passed around 
Approval of past meeting minutes: all in favor and approved
Approval of Today’s Meeting Agenda: all in favor and approved

Welcome and Introductions:

  1. School Trustee Ken Hamaguchi introduced the school board and welcomed the new parents.
  2. Attendees shortly introduced themselves. PAC members introduced themselves: 
    • Chairperson  (Alaric Wang)
    • Treasurer    ( Jon lau )
    • Secretary    ( Annie Fang )
    • Outdoor Education Committee ( Lisa Cheung/Annie Fang/Jessica Li )
  3. Since this is the first PAC meeting in the school year, Alaric introduced PAC function and reviewed Outdoor ED 2019 fundraising summary and disbursement

Current and future events

  1. Munch-a Lunch platform (Introduction and function)
    • Transition of all PAC related payments from SchoolCashOnline to Munch-a-Lunch
    • September food days were ran successfully 
    • Cost of the platform and transaction fees has resulted in adjusted food prices.
  2. Pizza Wednesdays up and running since the second week of school.  Increase in input cost from the vendor has been passed on to us. PAC is maintaining the $2 per slice and will instead adjust the number of pizza slices per box from eight to ten.  This is the first price increase in over 8 years.
  3. School lunch provider NOVA Foods has abruptly withdrawn service to Jessie Wowk.  No advance notice was given. Their reason was due to the lack of resources to deliver food under the new district uniform bell schedule.  The school is still being serviced by another company.
  4. Additional hot lunch day(s) are in the planning stages.  More details to follow.
  5. Terry Fox Run will be deployed along the run route to ensure student safety.  Fifteen parents have volunteered.
  6. Book Fair (start on Oct.7 and looking for the parents volunteers)
  7. Extracurricular programs 
    • Gym Ringette 3 session/per class, provided by Richmond Ringette Association
    • Dance  - Kpop is being considered
    • Art    ( TBD )
  8. Outdoor ED 2021
  9. Lisa introduced Outdoor Program and proposal the event we have and plan to have
    • Hotdog Day
    • Popcorn selling
    • Jell-O or bake sale
    • Market sale (Handmade craft by Div.6 & Div.7)

Financial Report

Jon reviewed the financial report and budget for this school year
​​​​​​​Proposed Budget adopted

Administration Report ( Joanne Rooney)

  • Introduced “Orange Shirt Day” 
  • Introduced leadership programs
  • Cross country run
  • School volleyball and basketball team will be formed this year

* Next PAC meeting: 8:45 am, October 18,2019*