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PAC Meeting Minutes - May 2019

May 31st, 2019

In attendance:

Mrs. Rooney, Lisa Cheung, Alaric Wang, Laura Chan, Christina Lau, Winnie Leung, Jon Lau, Bonnie Wong, Jessica Li, Corrina Zhang, Laura Chan, Ashley Wong, Jenny Wu, Francas Chan, Annie Fang, Vince Guo, Jeta, Lurissa Tan, Rose Requieron, Carl chen, Chao Wang

Meeting began at 9:00am

Welcome and Introductions:
Lisa welcomed everyone to the meeting and a sign-up sheet was passed around 
Approval of Today’s Meeting Agenda: all in favor, approved

PAC positions for new school year

PAC Executives

  • Chairperson  (Alaric Wang)
  • Treasurer    ( Jon lau )
  • Secretary    ( Annie Fang )
  • Members at Large  ( Lerissa Tan / Rose Requieron )

Special Event Coordinators

  • Winter Celebration          (Ashley Wong/Han/Corrina Zhang)
  • Lunar New Year Snack Party   (Ashley Wong/Han/Corrina Zhang)
  • Staff Appreciation           ( Corrina Zhang)
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser     ( Corrina Zhang)

Food Day Coordinator

  • Sushi Lunch      (Jessica Kuo)
  • Subway Lunch    (Jessica Kuo )
  • Pizza Wednesday  (Ashley Wong)

Fruits/Veg/Milk Program Coordinators

  • ( Corrina Zhang /Eva Law/Charmain So)

Grad Committee

  • ( Laura Chan/Connie Chen)

Outdoor Education Committee

  • ( Lisa Cheung/Annie Fang/Jessica Li )

Cash Online

From Sep.2019 new school year, we will use new online system on PAC event money management. (eg. Mnuchlunch or something else, Alaric and Jessica will select and evaluate during June)

Financial Report

  • Alaric presented financial statements updated for the month ended May 2019
  • Outdoor Ed 2019 fundraiser projected to have raised over $6000
  • General account projected to end the year with $20000
  • Grant for the Gaming account has been submitted

Administration Report ( Joanne Rooney)

  • School will be back to nine divisions next year
  • Mr. G and Mrs. Lee (Librarian) are leaving.
  • School logo selection to be placed on hold
  • School story updated on school website

Upcoming Events

  • Sports Day on June 14
  • Lunch will be preordered and provided by Whitespot
  • Grade 7 farewell assembly
  • Event catering to be provided by Sushi Lovers
  • XingFuTang will donate bubble tea