PAC Meeting Minutes - Jan

Tuesday January 16th, 2018

In attendance:

Joanne Rooney, Lisa Cheung, Bonnie Wong, Alaric Wang, Winnie Leung, and Laura Chan.

Meeting began at 9:00am

Welcome and Introductions:

Lisa welcomed everyone to the meeting

Hot Food Lunch Presentation (Libby’s Kitchen):

  • Second option for parents to order hot lunches
  • 2 sizes for order: $6.50/small & $8.50/reg
  • Current method for orders – paper form & dropbox in front of school office
  • The company is working on its website to enable online orders
  • 10% rebate will be donated back to PAC

Reporting on Past events and programs:

1. Food Days

  • Pizza Wednesday – urgent need for parent volunteers
  • Subway Lunch – suggestion to include flatbread as an option
  • Sushi Food Day – good feedback. Students taking on more volunteer roles

2. Outdoor Ed Fundraising – $990 raised year-to-date from Hot Dog sales

3. Gift Cards and Cookie Dough Fundraising

  • GC – $24 000 in sales resulted in $950 in profit
  • Gift cards can be refilled or purchased online throughout the year.
  • CD – $1800 in sales resulted in $430 profit

4. Winter Celebration – Photo booth, santa photos, crafts table, movie in the pod and catered food worked well in keeping everyone entertained. Final cost will updated on the next meeting.

5. Movie License – Confirmed to be $0.75/student

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40am with Lisa making the motion. Alaric second. All in favor.

The next PAC meeting will take place at 8:45am, Tuesday, Feb 20th, 2018.