PAC Meeting Agenda Feb 2018

PAC Meeting Agenda
Tuesday Feb 20th, 2018   9:00am - 10:30am
Venue: Library

9:00am   Welcome and Introductions

  • Approval of Jan 2018 minutes
  • Approval of Feb 2018 agenda

9:05am    Reporting on past events

  1. Food Days – Pizza, Subway, and Sushi
  2. Fruits and Vegs Program
  3. New Hot Lunch Company
  4. Outdooor Ed Fundraising
  5. 4Cats Art Lessons
  6. Chinese NY Potluck
  7. Movie Afternoon – Time of event, entrance fee, snacks & drinks, films

9:30am    Financial Report

9:45am   Upcoming events

  1. Volunteers needed for Pizza Wed
  2. Pink Shirt Day – Feb 28th – Pink Tshirts order
  3. Outdoor Classroom progress – Mr. Gustafson
  4. Movie Afternoon – Coming soon
  5. Fundraising for a charity

10:15am  Administration Report (Joanne Rooney)

10:20am  Open Discussion


*Next Meeting: 9:00am, Tue April 17th  2018*