PAC Meeting Minutes - Nov

Tuesday November 21st, 2017

In attendance:

Alaric Wang, Bonnie Wong, Sylvia, Laura, Christina, Winnie

Meeting began at 9:00am

Welcome and Introductions:

Alaric welcomed everyone to the meeting and a sign-up sheet was passed around at the same time.

Approval of Meeting Minutes (October 2017): all in favor, approved

Approval of Today’s Meeting Agenda:  all in favor, approved

Math Club (by Mr. Angman) Presentation:

  1. Opportunity for Gr.4 – Gr.7 to take part in National Exam
  2. Last year only Gr.6 & Gr.7, this year we welcome Gr.4 & Gr.5 to participate
  3. Math Club will be held every 2nd Monday during lunch time
  4. The cost of to fund this year’s participants will be $448
  5. Exam will be on April 18
  6. Deadline for application December 21
  7. In previous years, the cost was paid by the school.  This year, PAC will support the program by funding $224 or half of the cost.

Administrative Report (Ms. Rooney):

  1. Outdoor classroom: Grant already applied through…
  2. Green team is working on a Save Energy Campaign organized by Mr. Gustafson
  3. Ms. Rooney is carrying out Social Responsibility Plan which was introduced in the curriculum
  4. FSA : Exams are done and marked, result will be handed out by Winter Break
  5. Lego club: Lego donations from PAC Lego drive and ToysrUs is enough to start the club.  Student creations will be displayed throughout the year!
  6. Three new trees have already been planted near the picnic tables, New mulch has been added to the swing area to even out the play surface.

On Going Events:

  • Cheesecake & Cookie Dough fundraising
  • Gift Card Fundraising

Upcoming Events:

  1. Winter Celebration – Volunteer Sign Up sheet has been put up on PAC board.
  2. Spirit Wear
  3. Food/Veg/Milk Program:  Jenny and Alaric have obtained their Food safe license.  Jenny will be helping Sylvia on Veg/Milk day.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:28 am with Alaric making the motion. Bonnie second. All in favor.

The next PAC meeting (AGM) will take place at 9:00 am, Tuesday, January  16 , 2018.