PAC Meeting Minutes - Sept

Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:45am - 10:15am
Venue: Library

In attendance:

Joanne Rooney, Lisa Cheung, Bonnie Wong, Alaric Wang, Winnie Leung, Christina Lau, Laura Chan, Jana De Mel, Hellen Tao, Odelia Liu, Lily Ling, Vivian Yang, Andy Chao, Jenny Ng, Sylvia Tam, Effie Liu, Jason Wang, Huafeng Wu, Sam Wong, Connie Yu, Francis Chan, Sylvia Tam, Ping Hao, Jessica Zhang, and Livia Liu.

Meeting began at 9:00am

Welcome and Introductions:

Lisa welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves.  A sign-up sheet was passed around at the same time.

Approval of AGM Meeting Minutes: all in favor, approved

Approval of Financial Statements fiscal year 2016-2017:  all in favor, approved

Approval of Proposed Operating Budget fiscal year 2017-2018:  all in favor, approved

Outdoor Classroom Presentation (Megan Zani):

  • 2 Options to maintain the outdoor classroom:
    • Train teachers during Pro-D days – no fees
    • Classroom Gardener – all inclusive program where professional gardeners will help maintain the outdoor classroom once a week for 15 months – quote from Megan
  • Megan suggested fig trees and evergreen trees for shading
  • City of Richmond provides free mulch
  • Tree Canada Grant – for funding

Soundfield Purchase

Motion made by Alaric for PAC to purchase two units of the Redcat Soundfield System.  These units to be installed in the primary divisions.  Each system is quoted at $1565 including tax.  Seconded by Lisa.  All approved.

Administrative Report Ms. Rooney:

Ms. Rooney welcomed everyone and shared a little about herself and her involvement in the community.  She outlined new and returning teachers and staff.

  • Jennifer Yan  - relief teacher
  • Michelle Hutchinson - Librarian
  • Tyler Gustafson - Division 4
  • Brenda Khoo - Band
  • Erin Keillor - LRT ELL

Reporting on upcoming events and programs:

  1. Spirit Wears, Grad Hoodies, and Pink t-shirts.
  2. Leadership group and jobs – open to students in Gr. 4 to Gr. 7
  3. Badminton
    1. Oct 2nd to 6th, during gym blocks
  4. Clothing Drive – Oct 23rd to 27th
  5. Movie License – Confirmed to be $0.75/student
    1. Proposed dates: Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Jan 19th and Apr 13th

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40am with Lisa making the motion. Alaric second. All in favor.

The next PAC meeting will be on Monday 9:00 am, Oct 16th at the school library