PAC Meeting Agenda Sept 2017

Tuesday September 19  8:45am - 10:15am
Venue: Library

8:45 am   Welcome and Introductions

  1. New staff and teachers
  2. New PAC members

9:00am    Review of Statements

  1. Approval of May 2017 AGM minutes    
  2. Approval of 2016-2017 fiscal year end financial statements
  3. Approval of 2017-2018 fiscal year operating budget

9:15am        New Business

  1. Outdoor classroom presentation - Megan Zeni
  2. Soundfield system purchase review

9:45am    Upcoming events

  1. Badminton lessons
  2. Clothing drive

10:00am      Administrative Report and Open Discussion

*Next Meeting: 8:45am, Tuesday, October 17th, 2017