PAC Meeting Minutes - May

Wednesday May 10th, 2017 8:45am - 10:15am
Venue: Multipurpose Room

In attendance:

Carolyn Latu, Lisa Cheung, Alaric Wang, Lily Wong, Anna Lau, Olivia Or, Bernice Khong, Bonnie Wong, Laura Chan, Winky Tam, Winnie Leung, Christina Lau

Meeting began at 9:10am

Welcome and Introductions:

Lisa welcomed everyone to the meeting and a sign-up sheet was passed around at the same time.

Approval of Meeting Minutes (April 5th 2017):  all in favor, approved

Approval of Today’s Meeting Agenda:  all in favor, approved

9:15am Administrative Report – Carolyn Latu

  1. Outdoor Education Program:  Grade 6&7 went to Cheakamus Centre for four days camp last week. Kids had fun. As their learning portion of the camp, the kids had pond and farm study and a forest walk led by the Ms Latu, Mr Woo, Mr Angman.  Hatchery was taught by a camp counsellors. Some recreational activities the kids took part in were: archery, canoeing  and Predator/Prey game.  There were 5 cabins in total; 2 for girls and 3 for boys with twelve terrific counselors who were Grade 10-12 kids from the North Van schools.
  2. Track meet: The weather was good and everything went well except some Grade 5 kids missed their early runs due to the bus arrangement and traffic. Alaric suggested a bus route change for future track meet.  Bus got stuck trying to make a left turn into Minoru from Granville.  Next time, bus should make a left turn onto Granville from No. 3 Rd.  Students can then egress at the minoru bus stop, directly onto the venue without crossing any streets.
  3. School Year 2017-18 updates:  We will have the same amount of children but there will be 10 divisions due to the class size changes:  Kindergarten from 22 to 20, Primary from 24 to 22 and Intermediate from 30 to 28.  Mr. Woo agreed to take the multipurpose room and the band will have to be held in the classroom or in the gym.  We are looking to hire a Grade 4/5 teacher, possibly another one for part ELL & part Resources.
  4. Upcoming Events: Fencing class is set. Got a thank-you email from Dynamo Fencing and sent them a schedule and a class list of everybody.  Then it will be followed by sports day and end of the year activities. “Welcome to K”  will be on Monday.

9:50am Elected Positions

  1. Chairperson: Lisa Cheung
  2. Secretary: Bonnie Wong
  3. Treasurer: Alaric Wang
  4. Members at Large: Winnie Lam, Von Wong
  5. RDPA Representative(s)

Other Positions:

  1. Special Event Coordinators: Christina Lau
  2. Food Day Coordinators: Tiffany Zhou
  3. Fruits/Veg/Milk Program Coordinators: Sylvia Tam
  4. Web Master: Yvonne and Steve
  5. Grad Committee for coming Grade 6: need to be formed before the school year ends to capture the whole school year for photos and fundraising opportunities.  Lisa will send an email blast to Grade 6 parents.
  6. Outdoor Education Committee for current Grade 4 and 5: Laura is to send proposed fundraising activities to Lisa to post it on the PAC calendar.

10:05am Financial Report – Year 2016-17 Review & Proposed calendar for Upcoming School Year – Alaric/Lisa

  • Balance in the General Account is $19,491.29
  • Gaming Account is $2,585.00
  • Donation of $77.67 to Red Cross from the first subway day profit. Insurance company Aviva triple-matched making the total donation $233.
  • TD Play grant of $1,000 has been approved and will be allocated to our fencing lessons. TD will send staff to view the Fencing lessons.
  • For the class allocation next year, there will be $5 bonus on top of the current $10 allocation. This is a one time bonus.
  • To be consistent with the class allocation, $500 will be offered as a one time bonus to the Teacher's wish list making the total $1,000 for next year.  The bonus is one time only.
  • 4Cats, Chinese Dance and Baseball lessons were a great success.  For next year, Musical Theatre will be looked into to replace Dance lessons.  Plans for badminton lessons are in the works. Aboriginal Dance was also talked about.
  • Yard sale was very successful. we received  $485 plus 92 bags which is triple what we normally make.
  • Any suggestions before end of May are welcome.  Email/talk to Lisa, Bonnie or Alaric.

10:20am Upcoming Events:

  1. Teacher/Staff appreciation day is this Friday.  The theme is International Cafe. PAC will provide variety of food including Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, American, and Vietnamese.  
  2. Parent’s Appreciation Tea will be on May 30th
  3. Sports Day: We will offer Subway again as lunch option.  Freezes will be provided for kids and Fruits for parents.
  4. Food/Veg/Milk Program has renewed up to the Grade 6 program this year.
  5. Choices of different Photography Company discussed.  Lisa will proceed to talk to another company besides Mountain West for alternatives.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30am with Lisa making the motion. Alaric second. All in favor.

This concludes our last PAC meeting for the year.  The next PAC meeting will take place in October 2017.