AGM 2016-17

Dear Wowk Families,

PAC would like to announce our 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Wednesday May 10th  at 9am in the Multipurpose room.  

We will be electing all positions available on the Parents Advisory Council.  The positions open for election are President, Treasurer, Secretary, Members at Large and Coordinators for different programs.  If anybody wishes to run for any of these positions, please email and come attend the meeting.

Members of Jessie Wowk PAC have volunteered their time throughout the school year to help ensure your children are getting the best experience at school.  PAC has funded, sponsored and introduced many programs this school year (2016-17):

  • Welcome Tea
  • Teachers’ Day Gift Baskets
  • Fruits/Vegetables/Milk Program
  • Pizza Wednesday
  • Sushi Lunch Day
  • Subway Lunch Day
  • Hot Dog Lunch Day
  • Clothing Drive
  • Yard Sale
  • Cash to each division for classroom use ($2300)
  • Teachers’ wish list – Games Club during Lunch Time ($500)
  • Bass Amp and books donation to music department
  • Baseball Lessons – RCBA
  • Arts Lessons – 4Cats
  • Dance Lessons – Vancouver Academy of Dance
  • Fencing Lessons – Dynamo Fencing
  • Winter Celebration
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Sports Day – Refreshments & Lunch Program
  • Wowk Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day
  • Outdoor Education Subsidy

None of these above-mentioned events & programs are possible without the support of our parent helpers.  PLEASE COME SUPPORT YOUR PAC!

Hope to see you all at the AGM on Wednesday May 10th.

Jessie Wowk PAC