Class Placement Information

I know how excited you all are about coming back to school and finding out who your new teachers and classmates will be.  Unfortunately, because every school in British Columbia is trying to reach families with information about the new school year, there was too much traffic for the system.  The email system is not working as fast as it should.  Hopefully you will receive an email by tomorrow morning.  If you don't, please call the school office and Mrs. Lunny or I will let you know when you should be at school and where your new class is. 

Also, the sessions on Thursday and Friday are 8:45- 11:15 or 12:15-2:45.  There was a typo in one of the newsletters.  This is the correct time.

If your child is following the transitional model and is not coming to school on Sept. 10, please be patient and do not call the school in the morning.  We will be answering calls from families who need to know immediately. 

Many thanks for understanding.  I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Mrs. Salewski