Planting in the Garden with Mrs. Li's Sunflower Videos

It is very fitting that just as we are getting ready to come back to school, so are our sunflowers.  Many families have emailed me about planting their sunflowers at school. To help us learn about planting, Ms. Li has created 3 videos for us to watch.  If your sunflower is already in your garden, that's great.  If you want to bring it back to school and plant it in one of the garden plots that's great too. You can come to school anytime on Friday, May 29th or on the weekend.  From June 1 on, you can come anytime after 3:00 and on the weekends.   Please remember to bring a bottle of water with you as the hose will not be outside.  I will leave a few garden shovels next to the shed for you to use. Please put them back when you are done.  The sunflowers can be planted in any of the beds with a sign that says "Sunflowers." Please make sure to plant them at least 15-20 centimeters apart so there is room for them to grow.  Please be careful when you are planting your sunflower so as not to step on any other plants.    Try to keep your feet on the bark mulch.  If you are coming back to school on June 1, you can bring your sunflower with you and we can help you plant it.  I can't wait to see all the sunflowers all when they begin to flower. 

Part 1: Dividing the plants   

Part 2: Getting plants ready for outside

Part 3: Planting outside